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About Learnoflix: 10 FAQ About Learnoflix

About Learnoflix

1. What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is simply all about sending traffic to someone else’s product or service and getting a commission when a sale is made.
You are literally taking your piece of the pie in a sales process by being the connection between a buyer and a seller.

Uber Airbnb Booking.com Amazon Jumia Shoprite

The above brands are all examples of this business concept. They all sell products and services they didn’t produce or own.
This is the smartest business model today, especially with the current digital explosion facilitated by COVID-19.
You too can start an affiliate business today by sending traffic to other people’s digital products on learnoflix.com and earn amazing income (scalable income) from doing so. IT’S THAT EASY.

2. How Can I Make Money From it?

Sending Traffic to the right products

The best way to maximize affiliate marketing is through the Internet. We recommend digital products (online courses and training). This is a Multi-Billion Dollar market and you can take your piece of the pie by simply sending people (traffic) to high-selling digital products.

That is where Learnoflix comes in…

We have a wide ever-increasing array of Fantastic Digital Products you can simply recommend online using our customizable strategy and earn a fortune. achieve these by running sponsored ads and through what we call ORGANIC TRAFFIC (free adverts).

3. I Don’t Know How To Run Ads. How Will I Get People To See The Product & Buy?

Don’t Worry….When you register on learnoflix.com, there is full training waiting for you.
Its called the 7figure Affiliate Guide. This is comprehensive training on how you can successfully earn 7 figures with affiliate marketing as a beginner. Everything you need to succeed will be taught in this course.

In Addition….You will also have access to bonus training from high-income affiliates showing you what is working for them and how you can simply copy their strategies. You will also have mentors guiding you on how to run sponsored ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
Don’t forget that all the elements you would need for your marketing are already supplied by learnoflix.com.Just run your ads and make money.
Yes, that is simple.

4. How Much Money Can I make?

No Limit… Technically, there is no limit to what you can earn with Affiliate Marketing (Amazon is worth 1.6 Trillion Today and that’s what they
do). But we have people who are doing from $1000 to a convenient $20,000/ Month and you can grow way above that.
There is no limit to how much money you can make if you open your heart to the possibilities.

5. Me I’ve Been Involved InJvzoo, Clickbanks, And others, I Didn’t Really Make Any Money, How Are You Sure This Will Make Money For Me?

This time there will be a major difference because of the following.

Product Relevance
The program you are selling is very relevant to the African Market so acceptability will be high.

It’s All-Digital
You will be selling more of digital products so the chance of scaling your sales will be very high.

Less Competition
The competition is way lesser as this is still a new platform and the market is crazily wide.

Incredible Support
There is top-notch support waiting for you. The community will help you get started and grow very fast.

6. How Much Do I Need To Get Started And What Exactly Am I Paying For?

Just a one-time fee of $100 (N50,000) and you’ll have access to The 7 Figure Affiliate Guide and other 10 different training on the platform

So you are paying for…
Access to the learnoflix.com platform to sell any course on the platform and earn a commission.

The 7 figure affiliate Guide training will teach you how to sell other people’s products online and make 7 figures doing so.
Other training resources and support from successful affiliate gurus.

7. How Much Work Do I Need To Make This Workout For Me And Do I Need A Laptop?

Your Mobile Phone Is Enough For A Start…
You can put in only 1 to 4 hours daily and see yourself doing 5 to 6 figures weekly. It’s that simple

Your work is simply to set up your Ads and probably do the follow-ups on people who showed interest in the course you’re selling at the time

8. I am Shy I Can’t Talk To People, And I don’t Have A Lot Of Money, Can This Work For Me?

Yes Yes Yes! it can’t work for you.
You don’t need to say a word on this program, everything is already done for you.
Your Job is to set-up the Ads (You will be thought how to do this in case you don’t know already) and you can start with as low as 10k and see amazing results.

9. If I Join Learnoflix Affiliate Program Today, What Do I Stand To Gain And When Can I Collect My Benefits?

You are just in time. We Are Running A Prelaunch Promo.
You can win fantastic incentives when you sell the 7figure affiliate course in the next 3 months. Learnoflix is raising 10,000 affiliates who will be trained and equipped to sell digital products and earn an incredible commission from them.

10. How Do I Get Started And Can I Get Traffic From Anywhere in The World?

All you need to do is click on the link below to get started


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